Advantages of using XML for data conversion

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XML plays a big role for the internet, especially for the data display and storage. XML has become the rapidly growing technological choice for delivering structured data on the Web, working hand-in-hand with HTML, which is used as the presentation format.


Some of the advantages of XML data conversion are:

· The key features of XML are data integration and data exchange which enables the easy retrieval of data to share across platforms. It is a method of data conversion by tagging data that can be made more easily available to websites.


· XML allows the user to create his own tags which relate to his content and the structure of the document.

· XML conversion makes a document well formed and portable which can be used across a number of platforms.


· Data converted in XML can be reused at any point of time. They are also easy to archive and retrieve as well.


· XML is easy to implement and flexible in nature. It is considered as the standard format of data conversion which is globally accepted.

Due to multiple benefits of using XML many firms intend to convert their data into XML form for increasing their business profit. ‘Futuristic GigaTech can help companies in assessing their unique XML needs, implementing appropriate XML applications, and maintaining and updating XML content.

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