Professional RCM company for Effective Logistic Decision Making

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RCM stands for Reliability Centered Maintenance. A small group of people with extensive equipment knowledge and engineering experience applies a logical information-gathering and decision-making process to a piece of equipment.


RCM is used to determine the best possible maintenance schedule for any equipment optimized according to the operating conditions on site. Hiring a professional RCM company will be a wide move because the entire process accommodates the following factors in overall environment and background conditions in which you use equipment:

· What do you expect from the equipment in regards with safety, the environment, output, and product quality and customer service?


· Loses that you will face when your equipment fails.

· When you apply RCM to your equipment, you will produce a maintenance schedule which contains only necessary tasks to keep the equipment performing.


· Using RCM indicates that you can be confident that money from your maintenance budget is being spent where it does the most good to achieve inherent equipment reliability and availability.

By targeting maintenance spend according to the consequences of failure and your expectation with the equipment, the following consequences may occur:

· Undesirable consequences of failure are either eliminated, avoided or reduced.

· The equipment breaks down far less often.

· When a failure occurs, the operator and maintainers are much more likely to handle it


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